R/MIO modules provide a compact input/output solution for Ontrol's R-ION series programmable touch-screen room controllers.

This combination greatly simplifes installation on the wall-unit side, as the IO module can be located close to the terminal unit being controlled, with only comms wiring into the wall unit.

The mains powered versions eliminate the need for additional power-supplies or transformers further reducing cost and installation labor.

R/MIO input/output modules are not independently communicating devices. They can only be used with the R-ION controllers.


Fan Speed Control : 3-relays are provided specifically for 3-speed fan control. These relays can not be used independently.

Triac Outputs : 4 triac outputs are provided with flexible configuration options, allowing control of on/off thermo-electric (PWM) or floating actuators or relays. The triac outputs can each be independently configured to control different loads.

Relay Output : A relay output with 10 A rating is provided for control of electric re-heaters.

Modulating Outputs : Two 0-10VDC analog outputs are provided for controlling modulating valve or damper actuators.

Inputs: Two digital input terminals are provided to connect Voltage-free contacts, for occupancy, window contact etc.

Expansion port : One RK4 relay module can be connected to the device with a ribbon cable, providing 4 additional relay outputs

Aux. supply output to field devices

Some mains-powered versions of the R/MIO provide an auxilliary 24 VAC output to power field devices such as valve and damper actuators.

This is a huge advantage in terminal unit control applications, eliminating the need to install transformers or power supplies in restricted spaces.

Connection Diagram & Schematic

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