The successor to Ontrol's highly successful R-ION series, the new ORION is an extremely versatile device designed to provide intuitive user interaction and real-time control in diverse applications. With its sleek design and fully customizable user interface, it offers seamless integration into different environments and systems.

The Orion offers a blend of flexibility, functionality, and aesthetics, making it a valuable addition to diverse environments. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use, its customizable interface, multi-protocol communication capabilities, and easy-to-clean, bezel-less glass front ensure seamless integration, efficient operation, and user safety.


ORION offers exceptional versatility by providing control over HVAC systems, lighting, blinds, and more. Its capability to manage a wide range of functions makes it a unique tool for creating a comfortable and efficient environment in office buildings, hospitality, health care institutions, shopping centers, homes and extending to industrial applications.

Mounting Orientation

A remarkable flexibility  is the option to mount it in either a horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) orientation.

This adaptability allows users to tailor its placement according to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring optimal visibility and accessibility.

Onboard sensors

Built-in sensors for measuring temperature and relative humidity are present across all versions. 

Additionally, an optional feature for CO2 measurement is available. This capability enables users to effectively monitor indoor air quality and activate automated routines to ensure a comfortable and healthy environment.

Industry Standard Protocols

The ORION is equipped with multiple communication ports supporting various industry standard protocols simultaneously, including BACnet, Modbus, Dali and KNX, and more -  enabling seamless integration of a wide range of systems and devices. 

Modular Design

Two-piece construction allows the base to be mounted on the wall for wiring and preparation, while the display part can be easily snapped on later when the site is ready. This modular design simplifies installation and minimizes the risk of damage during construction.

Safety & Hygiene

The aesthetic design prioritizes user safety and hygiene with a seamless edge-to-edge glass bezel-less front making it easy to clean and disinfect.

Real-time control

ORION not only serves as a user interface but also possesses the capability to execute programmed control logic in real-time locally and independently, with no reliance on a higher system. This empowers systems integrators to create and implement custom control strategies locally increasing system reliability.

Fully Configurable User Interface

The user interface can be easily customized to suit individual requirements, providing a tailored user experience. Elements, such as buttons, menus, and widgets, can be freely added and arranged through a user-friendly graphical programming tool. The device supports different graphical widgets, giving users the option to choose the layout and design that aligns with their aesthetic preferences and usability preferences. 

Niagara N4 programming

The ORION is fully programmable from within Niagara N4 Workbench software. Logic programming is via wiresheets, allowing you to add components, make links and change properties; allowing configuration of highly complex strategies easily.

Graphics programming is done with a px editor style interface, facilitating addition and configuration of widgets with the possibility use different types of images (jpeg, png, bmp).