L-ION-EP44 is a universal configurable controller that can be used to manage a variety of building systems including heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. L-ION-EP44 is not a simple input/output module. Advanced control strategies that run directly on the device can be configured for optimized performance.

Control strategies are easily and flexibly configured by setting parameters, no programming needed. Commissioning is greatly simplified thanks to pre-built templates which can be selected with a few button clicks.

The device can, of course, also be used as a "dumb" input/output module, without making use of the available control functions, where only an interface to physical data points are needed from a master controller or BEMS system.


The L-ION can execute complex control strategies directly on the device. Configuration of control logic requires no programming, but is instead achieved by setting parameters.

A number of preconfigured templates are available for easy selection of standardized control applications.


L-ION is an advanced, configurable, connected device with open industry-standard Modbus communication protocol.

This ensures easy integration with diverse building controllers and systems.

On-board display

The integrated display and keypad allows local monitoring and control. The UI is menu-driven and user-friendly. It allows full monitoring of inputs and outputs, as well as control logic and alarms. Setpoints can easily be changed, even weekly time schedules modified.

Advanced Control Strategies

4 control loops are configurable for independent control of 4 different process variables. Each control loop provides the same suite of options including basic PI control, upper and lower limits, outdoor air compensation, cascade control, and outputs sequencing.

Ready-to-use  templates are available for a wide range of common systems, making configuration of standard systems very simple with just a few button taps.

Time Scheduling

The L-ION has a real-time clock and is able to maintain correct time across power interruptions.

Weekly time schedules for connected equipment can be configured. The start and stop times are modifiable on the local display or remotely over modbus communications.


Fault and alarm conditions, power failures, manual overrides etc. are internally logged with date/time stamps. These records are available on the local display and remotely over modbus. This important feature greatly facilitates troubleshooting.

Inputs & Outputs

  • 4 Universal in: Compatible with Pt1000 passive temperature sensors, 0(2)-10 Vdc signals or contacts
  • 7 Digital in: For freeze protection, emergency stop and fire scenarios, or general monitoring
  • 4 Analog out: Rated 0(2)-10 Vdc / 2mA
  • 3 Relay out: SPST contacts rated 5 Amperes, 24Vac
  • Potentiometer in : Special dedicated input for a remote setpoint potentiometer (1-11 kOhm)