Ontrol is a major System Integrator in Turkey and Eastern Europe that designs and manufactures controllers, sensors, valves and actuators to our own demanding specifications. All our products come from 50 years of experience as installers and reflect our experience and understanding of what is needed on site under demanding conditions.

A quick overview of use-cases, topologies, capabilities of Ontrol's R-ION programmable color touch-screen display/controller.

Check-out our new video for a brief explanation of features and options of Ontrol's R-ION color touch-screen room controller.

Our price list has been updated to include KNX versions of our R-ION color touch-screen display room controller. This version allows all of the the main three open lighting protocols (KNX, DALI, DMX) to be connected directly to a single intelligent device with a rich user interface. As such, the R-ION is able to serve as a primary intelligent hub for any room automation application, without the need for any other servers, controllers, user-interfaces etc.

Contact us for the details and the current price list.

Ontrol announced a KNX compatible version of the R-ION touch-screen color diplay programmable controller during the Light+Building exhibition in Frankfurt. The addition of KNX communication extends the R-ION range even further.

The family now supports BACnet MSTP, BACnet IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, KNX, DALI, DMX, Mp-Bus.... several of these simultaneously in one device in various combinations. Furthermore it is available in two frame styles, in different colors and finishes, with temperature or temperature+humidity sensors as well as several remote I/O options.

With so many variations, the possibilities seem endless but it is also easy to become confused. We hope the new revision of the R-ION Topologies document can help. Download it here.

We have kept our base prices and structure the same. No price increase from Ontrol this year. Yes, our costs are rising due to inflation and changing exchange rates, but we manage to offset that by optimizing stock and thanks to increasing sales volumes. So thanks to all our customers as well, for keeping those orders coming :)

The list now includes new versions of the R-ION programmable touch-screen contrller, with relative humidity sensing in addition to temperature. These are available for immediate shipment.

Contact us to request your copy if you haven't received it.

Ontrol was exhibiting at the Niagara Forum  Sunday, 26 March 2017 – Tuesday, 28 March 2017 at the Park Plaza Westminster in London.

The Niagara Forum is a place to learn what truly open systems can achieve and how to make the most of the opportunities offered by the IoT. The Niagara Framework has the power to connect diverse devices and systems in ways that have never been imagined before. Whether you are designing for an office, hospital or data centre this truly open platform empowers users to achieve more than they thought possible.

The Niagara Forum brings together the Niagara Community to learn more about the Niagara Framework, exchange ideas, and make connections with other industry leaders . It provides an opportunity to gain insight into emerging trends and technologies.

Leaders in the technology powering the Internet of Things (IoT) convened again in Dubai again this year. Held on November 16, Niagara Forum was a chance to better understand the IoT and the value inherent in harnessing its power. 

Ontrol was present at the Niagara Forum — showcasing our advanced programmable controllers, touch-screen displays, and I/O modules.

The array of guest speakers and exhibitors offered a glimpse into what’s possible when you make the IoT a reality for your business. A broad spectrum of IoT topics on the agenda were covered throughout the day.

Make sure you download the new bundle to take advantage of several bug-fixes, new features and improvements.

Here is a quick summary of important changes:

The six-day Light+Building show held in Frankfurt offered an opportunity for those companies developing Sedona Framework products to get together and explore if there was a need for a Sedona User’s Group.

Attending companies were: EasyIO from Singapore, SysMik from Germany, Global Control 5 from Poland, Ontrol from Turkey and Contemporary Controls from the U.S. Bar-Tech from Australia could not attend but submitted a proposal for a Sedona API. The discussions were lively and it was clear that Sedona was important to the companies in attendance.

More info on Contemporary Controls web-site.

Ontrol, as a sponsor, will be exhibiting in the Niagara Summit to be held in New Orleans May 15-17th. 

Niagara Summit 2016 is the premier industry showcase for connected devices and systems. Developers, programmers, building engineers and executives come together to share the latest innovations and breakthroughs, discuss business and technology trends that are shaping the Internet of Things, and learn more about advancements to the Niagara Framework®.

The Niagara Summit is all about knowledge-sharing and ideas — with forums, presentations and breakout sessions relevant to your business and your customers, now and in the future.

More info here.


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