R/TIO and M/TIO Input Output Modules

General :

R/TIO modules provide a compact input/output solution for Ontrol's R-ION series programmable touch-screen controllers. With the R/TIO module, the installation on the wall-unit side is greatly simplified, as the IO module can be located close to the terminal unit being controlled, with only comms wiring into the R-ION wall unit. The mains powered versions eliminate the need for additional power-supplies or transformers further reducing cost and installation labor.

R/TIO input/output modules are not independently communicating devices. They can only be used with the R-ION controllers. On the other hand, M/TIO modules are general purpose input/output modules with industry-standard, open-protocol modbus RTU communications.

Both modules have the same I/O configuration, the only difference is the communications protocol.

These modules also host a battery backed-up real-time-clock.Therefore, time schedules can be implemented directly on the device, fully configurable locally from the connected R-ION or remotely from a supervisory system.
4 time-schedules can each be independently associated with a relay output through configuration parameters. Each schedule allows 28 sets of start/stop times per week.