Edge Controllers

EDGE Controllers

Ontrol is a very early adapter and strong advocate of the Niagara Framework and is a proud distributor of Tridium since its early days. The Niagara Framework provides the full spectrum of functionality demanded by facility managers anywhere.

Furthermore, Ontrol control philosophy aims to provide more functionality at the field level, closer to the sensors and actuators - at the edge - so as to eliminate single-point-of-failure installations (which, we unfortunately continue to see way too often in modern buildings). We, therefore, supplement the Niagara Framework area controllers (JACEs) with advanced programmable controllers and input/output modules. Ontrol controllers boast innovative features that make unique solutions possible, placing our partners ahead of the competition in state-of-the-art building projects. Our range extends from basic I/O modules to IP-based programmable plant controllers and fully configurable touch-screen devices.

P-ION Programmable Controller

P-ION is the most commonly deployed workhorse in the Ontrol offering. It is an IP-based, fully programmable logic controller. The high input/output density and unique set of features provide ultimate flexibility. It supports a real-time-clock and autonomous time scheduling. The on-board IO configuration is exceptionally flexible. It is further extensible with Ontrol relay modules and additionally via the auxiliary RS485 port that supports Modbus RTU master and slave modes.

L-ION Communicating Controller / IO Module  

The L-ION is easily parametrized to execute standard HVAC control logic autonomously. It also boasts a real-time-clock and time scheduling capability, as well as an on-board user-interface with display. It supports industry standard Mopdbus RTU comms. 


M/TIO Input/Output Module

M/TIO is a Modbus communicating input/output module with a flexible I/O mix. It provides a very comğetitive solution for distributed or remote locations where the number of points doesn't justify the use of a P-ION.

Another common use of this module is in conjunction with the R-ION touch-screen programmable controller.

R-ION Touch-Screen Programmable Controller

R-ION is one of Ontrol's major flag-ship products and is truly without competition. Both the control logic and user-interface (graphics) are fully programmable. It supports multiple comm protocols (BACnet, Modbus, KNX, Dali, Mp-Bus, DMX) and is easily extensible with a number of I/O solutions.

It finds use in devierse applications, including automation systems, OEM solutions, room control, lighting automation, local IO requirements and more..